Ancient Identities and Modern Identification: Mit Beiträgen einer Tagung des Berliner Exzellenzclusters Topoi, 18.–19. Juni 2015

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What traces do past cultures, communities and social groups leave behind? Who are the historical actors that are transmitted to us through texts, images and things? How do we relate to them today? The search for identities has played a major role for ancient studies from the beginning, even if the concept of identity only slowly established itself as a more or less reflected term in the second half of the 20th century. Although the usefulness of the concept of identity is questioned again and again, identities and their study nevertheless remain a central and highly topical subject. The contributions in this volume aim to clarify whether and how this concept can be ‘translated’ for concrete investigations in ancient studies and what implications go hand in hand with this. In doing so, they also shed light on the role ancient studies and its practices play in the constitution of modern identity. In addition to theories, concepts, and approaches, this volume examines the interplay between identity and knowledge, space and representation in an inter- and transdisciplinary manner. Archaeological-historical perspectives on identity are therefore complemented by contributions from philosophy, ethnology, and human geography. Thus, not only various challenges associated with identity constitutions and identity research are addressed, but also practices and products associated with identity (re)constructions are examined. The spectrum ranges from rituals and narratives to material culture, pictorial and textual representations, spatial references, distribution maps, and the circulation of knowledge.


identification, identity research, space, knowledge, representation, ancient studies, identity




August 14, 2023

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