La estructura urbana de las ciudades mayas del período clásico

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The main intention of the work presented in this publication was to clarify whether or not there was planning in the Maya cities. The study approaches the subject from different angles, paying special attention to compositional aspects and starting from the analysis of existing cartography.

First, a database with uniform cartography will be created in order to be able to carry out comparative studies between different sites. Based on this new database, a selection of cities will be made in order to obtain a diverse and comparable sample. An urban analysis method is proposed to identify the main compositional features of each site, and a comparative study is carried out between them to identify patterns, ordering criteria and common concepts in their development and formal structure.

Despite the fact that each city has its own peculiarities, the study presented here has been able to identify features in the design, geometry and repetition of types that show that Maya cities are undoubtedly the product of planning and control of works.





January 22, 2019

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