Pamir-Gebirge, Tadschikistan. Tadschikisch-Deutsche Pamir Expedition. Die Arbeiten des Jahres 2019

  • Daniel Steiniger
  • Kristina Junker

During late summer 2019, archaeological sites and museums in Tajikistan were visited to study prehistoric gemstones and metal artefacts using portable XRF. Besides objects made of gold, silver, lead and copper alloys, jewelry of lapis lazuli and turquoise were examined to establish a geochemical fingerprint. This will help to pinpoint the raw material sources of Chalcolithic and Bronze Age metal and stone trade in Central Asia and beyond. During field surveys in the Pamirs high-altitude mountains, lapis lazuli sources were visited and settlement patterns and former land use, in relation to the lapis lazuli occurrences were documented. The campaign is part of the DFG-Project »RESAF – Resources and Antique Mining in Afghanistan«.