Rome, Italy. The Palatine Hill in Rome and its history of research in the 19th century. A report on the latest ›excavations‹ in the archives of Rome. Season 2021

history of research

The Palatine in Rome has a very long and well-documented history of ­research. However, there is no systematic compilation of the images produced during its exploration. With the help of a research grant (Santoro), ­extensive materials were collected for its exploration in the 19th century. The images researched in the process are available for inclusion in a geoinformation system on the Palatine (»PalatinGIS«). The GIS serves as a working tool for a study on the visualisation history of the Palatine (Sielhorst). In this ­article, the role of five images of the Palatine is explained in more detail by briefly describing them and placing them in their context in terms of the ­history of media and ideas.