Erbil, Irak. Die osmanischen Qaisariya-Gebäude im Basar


  • Dietmar Kurapkat


The city of Erbil is the political and economic centre of the autonomous region of Kurdistan in northern Iraq with a cultural heritage stretching back thousands of years. With support from the Cultural Preservation Programme of Germany‘s Federal Foreign Office an interdisciplinary team of art historians, architects, engineers, archaeologists, restorers and preservation experts is working on a scientifically sound restoration plan for two late Ottoman buildings, so-called Qaisariyas, in the Bazaar of Erbil.




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Kurapkat, D. (2023) „Erbil, Irak. Die osmanischen Qaisariya-Gebäude im Basar“, e-Forschungsberichte des DAI, 1, S. 58–66. doi: 10.34780/0r26-1i7a.