Apollonia, Albanien. Grabung im Theater von Apollonia



  • Henner von Hesberg


In the last two years we tried to bring the excavations, the documentation and the reconstruction of the theater-building to an end. The architectonic material has been drawn in its main parts, brought into a data-base and used for the reconstruction. The cavea, the stage-building and also a strange arched doorway are completed in major parts. Some smaller trenches on top of the cavea allowed an insight into constructions of the earlier period. There is a very dense construction of houses of the 5th century BC and perhaps also of earlier times, with the same street-grid which has been found during the research-work by the French colleagues in the upper agora. The main activity concentrated on bringing the orchestra and parts of the orchestra similar to the ancient form. The reconstruction started in 2012 and ended with the re-construction of the whole orchestra round and the southern aisle of the cavea. But this collapsed after heavy rainfalls in winter 2012/13. Therefore, in 2013 the work had to be redone with a new substruction of the cavea and a new drain system.




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von Hesberg, H. (2023) „Apollonia, Albanien. Grabung im Theater von Apollonia“, e-Forschungsberichte des DAI, 1, S. 26–29. doi: 10.34780/a6q6-as9a.