Chrstina Franken, Hendrik Rohland, Ulambayar Erdenebat, Tumurochir Batbayar

Karabalgasun, Mongolei. Die Ausgrabungen im Bereich der Zitadelle der alten uighurischen Hauptstadt. Die Arbeiten der Jahre 2015 bis 201

Since 2013, the Mongolian-German Orchon-Expedition has been conducting research on the architectural structures of the citadel of the old Uighur capi­tal Karabalgasun (8th/9th c. AD), located in the Mongolian Orchon valley. Over the years, large parts of the building could be recorded. The artificially constructed podium, 10 m in height, was accessible through two gateways that lead into a large, paved courtyard surrounded by smaller buildings and a major, tower-like building whose remains were found in the southeastern corner. A well, more than 10 m in depth, had been preserved in the center of the courtyard. Artifacts like fragments of jade books, processed granite capitals, gilded metal objects and a bronze bell testify to the importance of the citadel as the seat of power of the former Uighur capital.