Karthago, Tunesien: Der Circus – Ein Monument und sein Quartier


  • Ralf Bockmann




A new archaeological project in Carthage studies the last great Roman public monument of the city that has not been extensively excavated so far. The circus of Carthage was, as far as we know, the biggest and most influential of the arenas for chariot racing in North Africa, in size comparable to the Circus Maximus in Rome. The southwestern quarter of ancient Carthage, where the monument is located, furthermore and most importantly offers the possibility to study a large part of the metropolis that has, unlike the rest of the city, not been overbuilt in the modern period. It is the objective of the project to carry out a large scale urbanistic study with a decisively diachronic approach. This article reports on the initial field mission carried out in 2015.


Citation Formats

Bockmann, R. (2017) „Karthago, Tunesien: Der Circus – Ein Monument und sein Quartier“, e-Forschungsberichte, S. 130–134. doi: 10.34780/379t-dbld.