Alexander Ahrens

Wadi Shuʿaib, Jordanien: Das Wadi Shuʿaib Archaeological Survey Project – Archäologische Forschungen zwischen Jordantal und transjordanischem Hochland

The Wadi Shuʿaib Archaeological Survey Project (WSAS) was initiated in
2016. During the fall of 2016, a first preliminary survey campaign was conducted
in the region of the Wadi Shuʿaib, stretching from the town of as-Salt
in the northwest to the Jordan Valley (Shuna South) in the southwest of Central
Jordan. During the first survey campaign, altogether fourteen archaeological
sites were recorded, most of which were hitherto unknown, while others
were already known to the scholarly community, but never recorded and documented
thoroughly. The aim of the survey in future campaigns is to record
all archaeological sites in this micro region connecting the fertile Jordan Valley
with the Transjordanian Highlands.