Die Brücke über die Majrada in Chimtou



  • Ulrike Hess
  • Klaus Müller
  • Mustapha Khanoussi


At Chimtou, an extensive area of ruins bears witness to one of the biggest Roman bridge constructions in North Africa. The eminent strategic importance of this region led to the risky use in adverse conditions of highly elaborate yet still not perfected construction methods, so that its collapse a few hundred years later could not be averted in spite of immense stabilization measures. The volume discusses questions of building archaeology, locates the bridge archaeologically in the province’s developing road network, and evaluates the inscriptions that were found above all in the spolia material of the embankment walls.


antiker Brückenbau, antike Baukonstruktion, Infrastruktur im antiken Nordafrika, Wasserbau, Zerstörungskraft des Wassers


  • Préambule
  • 1 Einleitung
    Klaus Müller
  • 2 Les ponts romains de Simitthus/Chimtou sur le Bagrada/ oued Majrada. Une contribution à l’étude des ponts routiers de la province romaine d’Afrique proconsulaire
    Mustapha Khanoussi
  • 3 Die Brücke und ihre Geschichte
    Ulrike Hess
  • 4 Baubeschreibung
    Ulrike Hess, Klaus Müller
  • 5 Restauration du pons novus ou construction d’un 3e pont ?
    Mustapha Khanoussi
  • 6 Rekonstruktion
    Ulrike Hess, Klaus Müller
  • 7 Resümee
    Klaus Müller
  • 8 Anhang – Tabellen 1–9
  • Abkürzungsverzeichnis
  • Abbildungsnachweis
  • Tafeln 1–32
  • Beilagen 1–3


December 17, 2020

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