Early Historical Clay Cist Graves at Kalotuwawa (Sri Lanka)


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  • Nimal Perera [Autor/in]


Two megalithic cist graves were exposed at Kalotuwawa (Sri Lanka). The cists showed traces of heavy burning and were filled with ashes, charcoal and a few calcinated human bones. Potsherds in the pits belonged to grave goods. The vessels were of Black-and-Red Ware and common Red/Brown Ware. Radiocarbon samples give a date of 135 ± 51 B. C.

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archaeology, megalithic, burials, cist graves, Black-and-Red Ware



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Perera, N. (2023) „Early Historical Clay Cist Graves at Kalotuwawa (Sri Lanka)“, Zeitschrift für Archäologie Außereuropäischer Kulturen, 3, S. 65–70. doi: 10.34780/e4rz-9rzm.