Editorial Office

The departments and commissions at the DAI run their own respective, subject-related editorial offices charged with the supervision of the publishing procedures between the contributions' submission and publication. Together with the editors, they form the initial contact point for all authors wishing to submit their work to one of the DAI's publishing organs.

The Editorial Offices advise authors on the preparation of manuscripts, in particular on formal requirements and the DAI citation style, prior to the actual publication process. In consultation with the editors, they also guide the authors through all the necessary review processes, and are then responsible for editing the manuscripts and managing the entire publication process.

Thanks to their academic qualifications, the researchers in the individual editorial departments are highly familiar with the content priorities of the respective work units. Not only in the case of the foreign departments, they are also well networked with the international academic community working in the host countries and are thus closely involved in current research discussions.

The publication organs of the departments and commissions therefore have specialist editors who not only guarantee competent editorial management but also subject-specific content supervision according to the DAI's quality standards and who are familiar with the special editorial requirements of the respective disciplines in the individual regions.

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