Vig, Albanien. Die Arbeiten der Jahre 2015 und 2017


  • Andreas Oettel
  • Gëzim Hoxha


The late antique castrum of Vig in Northern Albania is located in the hinter­land of the Adriatic town of Lissus/Lezha, which was connected by a road to the city of Naissus (Niš/Serbia), as also revealed in the Tabula Peutingeriana map. The site of the castrum is situated in the archaeologically unexplored valley of Gjader. It has so far been assumed that it’s function was intended for the road’s security. However, in this context it has not been taken into consideration that in early modern times silver mines were exploited in the mountainous region northeast of Lissus as well as copper mines in the 20th century, as also reported by early explorers. The castrum’s primary func­tion had possibly served the control of the river valley and the area’s ore mining activities.




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Oettel, A. und Hoxha, G. (2018) „Vig, Albanien. Die Arbeiten der Jahre 2015 und 2017“, e-Forschungsberichte des DAI, S. 13–19. doi: 10.34780/vb62-arcv.