Stephan Zink, Jens Pflug

Rom, Italien. Bauforschung am sog. Tempel A, Largo Argentina. Arbeiten und Ergebnisse der Jahre 2018 und 2019 (nach Vorarbeiten 2014, 2016 und 2017)

In 2018, the division of building archaeology (Architekturreferat) of the DAI head office in Berlin began investigating the architectural remains of the socalled Temple A at Largo Argentina. It is one of four temples at a site, which, as it seems, was first developed during the Mid Republican period (3rd cent. BCE) and existed throughout Roman Antiquity. Temple A is of particular interest for its architectural longue durée – it was transformed into a church during the early Medieval period. Therefore, the site of Temple A shows over 2200 years of cultic activity. The goal of this project is a close documentation of the site’s architectural remains and a new reconstruction of its phases of development and aesthetic transformations under ever- changing social, political, and environmental conditions.