Lukas Goldmann, Rainer Komp

Fürstensitz von Vix, Frankreich. Die geomagnetischen Prospektionen der Jahre 2016 bis 2017

Between 2013 and 2017 the German Archaeological Institute supported the international project „Vix et son environnement“ by conducting high resolution, large scale geomagnetic surveys, in order to investigate the landscape around the famous Hallstatt period site at Mont Lassois. In the course of this project, the methodology has been improved considerably, allowing a fast, GIS-based processing and interpretation of our geophysical data. By also including various other available types of survey data, we were able to generate a highly detailed picture of the archaeological landscape surround Vix. Within 5 years a total of 690 ha could be covered through geomagnetic surveys, revealing details of Iron Age burial and settlement sites as well as other archaeological features including Bronze Age burials, Gallo-Roman buildings and more recent mining activities.