Thomas G. Schattner, Sandra Azcárraga Cámara, K. Brose, B. Bouresh, Mario Gutiérrez Rodríguez, Antje Krug, Wolfram Martini, Heliodoro Ruipérez, D. Schäffler, Roman Scholz

Munigua, Spanien

Since more than 60 years the Madrid Department of the German Archaeological Institute has been conducting investigations at the Hispano-Roman municipium of Munigua. Current research focuses on a 3D-visualisation and reconstruction of the city. The project is accompanied by a thorough study of the function and use of the individual buildings in antiquity. During the campaigns of 2015 and 2016 the forum, the streets as well as the podium-temple of the city were analyzed. As a result, the voting process on the forum as well as the processional way through the city could be hypothetically reconstructed. A geophysical survey in the southern part of the city revealed the existence and structure of buildings.