Cornelia Römer

Kairo, Ägypten: Sichtung, Katalogisierung und Verglasug der Michigan Papyri im Ägyptischen Museum

The aim of the project is to study and to publish a group of papyri from the
ancient town of Karanis in the Fayum, now kept in the Egyptian Museum,
Cairo. A first volume with 32 texts was published in 2014; with this volume,
Part 1 of the Project has been successfully concluded. P. Mich. contains literary
as well as documentary texts which shed new light on life in Karanis in the
2nd century CE. There are fragments of Homer’s Iliad, a medical handbook,
and a list of titles of satyr-plays and comedies; among the documents is a
complaint about robbery, lists of people’s names who payed their taxes, and
a letter written by a woman.