Ahmet Mörel

One Unique and Three New Seated Figures from Eastern Rough Cilicia

The subject of this study, one rock-cut relief with a seated figure and three statues of seated figures, were found in the Olbian Territory. The rock relief and the three statues of seated figures, which are evaluated here for the first time, were found in surveys carried out around rural settlements. The rock-cut relief of the seated figure is situated in the Kaleboynu area of Çerçili village in Erdemli. The seated statues considered in this study were found in settlements that belong to Kümbetbeleni and Güvercinlik. When all the data are considered together it would be right to suggest that the free-standing seated statues from Kümbetbeleni and Güvercinlik and the rock-cut relief of the seated figure from Çerçili should be dated to the end of the 2nd cent. A.D. – beginning of the 3rd cent. A.D.


Cilicia; Olbian Territory; seated figures; rock-cut relief; Roman Imperial Period